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Academic Rigor. Musical Theater Emphasis. Whole-Child Education. This Is STARS Academy!


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STARS Academy is for students who desire an arts-based education in a community-based, creative, and nourishing high school environment. STARS stands out for its small group sizes, individualized education, and college-preparedness— empowering the next generation of creatives.

Discover why every STARS student graduates with the academic, social, and technical skills needed to thrive in the global landscape.

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Thematic Curriculum


Inspire critical thinking, cultivate curiosity, and develop a lifelong love of learning with a thematic curriculum.

Visual & Performing Arts


Combining the power of creativity, emotion, confidence, and self-expression to reveal natural learners!

Extra-Curricular Programs


Interested in exploring drama, dance, speech and debate, robotics, or band? STARS Academy after-school programs enrich and engage!

Discover an empowering private high school in Los Angeles that embraces individuality, cultivates creativity, and prepares students for college in a nurturing environment.

Welcome to our unique kindergarten to high school program!

Through musical theater and self-expression, we give your child a safe, nurturing, challenging space to learn. Every graduate walks away with the academic, social, and technical skills needed to thrive today.

Arts and Musical Theater

STARS Academy arts and theater
We integrate the creativity, emotion, confidence, and self-expression of the arts to inspire a love of learning.


mixed age group classroom
Our mixed-age groupings stop forcing children into grade levels and start meeting children at their development levels.

Teaching Staff

Ask any STARS Academy student or parent. Our caring, dedicated teachers beautifully balance social-emotional learning and academic rigor.


Don’t take our word for it. Hear from real STARS Academy parents and students about the value, education, and experience you can expect here.